On the subjects of bandwidth, moving, and hosting

11/17/14: First, apologies on my recent update lull. I had a very nasty computer virus and didn't want to use my ftp program until it was cleared up.

I just upgraded my Mediafire account to 1TB, at the same price I was paying before. It is therefore possible for me to move all of my video file hosting to Mediafire and use a super-cheap host for the websites. Before doing this, I would appreciate any feedback, especially from donors. Should I put all my eggs in one basket for the sake of stretching out your donations? Reach me at davidaditch at gmail.

6/11/13: Mediafire seems stable. I am presently using one of their mid-size plans to supplement the server. While there is a bandwidth cap, it is high AND has a monthly roll-over, so I do not anticipate there being any problems. You may download as much as you want from Mediafire. If this changes I will make sure to tell everyone.

4/23/12: I've finished re-upping everything that was on Fileserve. Please report any broken links on IFile or Mediafire. Files on Rapidshare will only be moved as they expire.

2/18/12: Rapidshare has implemented a hard 30KB/sec cap on download speeds for free users, and those downloads are prone to having 'pauses' as well. I'm willing to give this a couple weeks to sort out, but that is not acceptable long-term. In order to avoid the eggs-in-one-basket scenario, I need to find another alternative. Requirements: 1. Not blocked in the US. 2. Can upload files at least up to 200MB (preferably larger than that). 3. Holds files at least 60 days after last download. 4. Free user has at least 50GB of storage. 5. Reliable download speed of at least 100KB/sec. 6. Preferably no captcha, though I'm willing to live with that. Gimme suggestions.

2/4/12: All three sites are complete, except for 'under construction' matches. Please let me know about any broken links. I took the opportunity to shift the largest files off the server so that smaller files formerly on mega could have room; in the end I uploaded over 1100 files in 2 weeks.

I'd wanted to do a match census but never got around to it before. Between the three sites it's somewhere between 1900 and 2000 depending on how one counts the clip collections and other miscellany.

Lastly, I'm quite pleased with the fact that there was NOT a bandwidth spike last month following the Megaupload takedown. Nobody panicked, and the server being up the whole time was vital to my being able to smoothly complete the re-ups. Bottom line: THIS THING IS HERE TO STAY.

1/26/12: Files marked 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' are missing or pending an upgrade.

1/19/12: Megaupload has been shut down by the US government. To say that this significantly impacts the site would be a tremendous understatement.

3/3/11: The owner of Made2Own has fallen off the face of the earth, so I will be moving again. I'm planning this move far enough in advance that we should avoid any significant problems. The 'old files on the server, new files on megaupload' approach has dramatically improved the bandwidth issue. The hosting costs will NOT drop any time soon, so please be sure to donate at least $10 a year or more if you donate less often.

6/23/08: After a good ten month run on HostGator, they abruptly reneged on an agreement not to cancel my account so long as there were no copyright issues or overuse of server resources. As a result I have had to go through the tedious process of re-uploading the website, for the third or fourth time since mid-2007. My new webhost, made2own, was the original home of Daily Puro. My agreement with them goes all the way to the CEO and thus should be secure. Though I am now paying more for hosting than ever before, I am much more confident that I've found a long-term home. I have been given much less bandwidth than was available over the last few years. 'Budget' hosts promise the moon and look for any excuse not to deliver. The current arrangement is sustainable.

With the increase in monthly cost I have increased the fundraising goal. Please support the effort!