Web Hosting Fundraising Page Extravaganza

In the good old days of 2006, a little website named Google provided enough ad revenue for the various media sites I operate. It provided so much that even when I switched to new ad banners paying less than 1% as much, I plugged along regardless since I figured I owed all you loyal ad-clickers for the temporary fattening of my bank account. Sadly it was only 'temporary', especially after the IRS took its share, and now comes the task of keeping even with expenses. I don't think it will be difficult at all.

If you want to help cover the cost of the site, I offer two different types of things you can get in exchange for your paypal payment. One is buying wrestling merchandise I obtained in Japan. The other, more straightforward one, is that for every $5 you send in I will do a special write-up on a match of your choice on one of the three media sites. I will do my best to explain why the match is good, important, cancer-preventing, etc. And you/others will be able to add to it. The 'testimonial' will be linked next to the match on the chronological page, forever and ever. Even sending less than $5 would be worth it, as it would single-handedly cover the cost of your bandwidth.

Another cost of the site is buying DVDs for new and upgraded content. Since I only cap a small percentage of what I own, there's a lot of interesting matches available to be purchased. Go here to see a partial list!

My paypal account is davidd at deltasquare.com (replace " at " with @). If you can't or won't use paypal then tough cookies. My thanks to the two people who contributed earlier this year, covering the costs associated with two different crises and giving me the idea for this in the process.

Goal Through June 2008: $200 - Met on 12/25/07! Thanks Mark!
Goal Through June 2009: $540 - Met on 7/2/09. Thanks to everyone!
Goal Through June 2010: $520 - Met on 12/24/10. Thanks Chris!
Goal through June 2011: $520 - Met on 12/24/11. Thanks Aaron!
Goal through June 2012: $545 - Met on 2/12/12. THANK YOU GIACOMO! And Justin!
Goal through June 30, 2013: $598 - Met on 7/2/13. Thank you Sylvain!
Goal through June 30, 2014: $598 - Met on 10/12/13. BRIEN YOU ARE A CREDIT TO THE HUMAN RACE.
Goal through June 30, 2015: $540. - Met on 11/1/14. BRIEN YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL MAN.
Goal through June 30, 2016: ????.
FUNDS RAISED FOR 2016 GOAL: $32 as of 11/11/14.


Please keep donations to $10 or higher; Paypal takes enough of a cut that I lose over 10% of anything less than that.


Because Google doesn't like me, and all other ad methods pay like 1 cent per click (ie. squat) or are pop-ups or in-text (ie. annoying), my media sites all depend on donations. I figure, based on the number of visitors, anywhere from $5-$15 a year per capita would be enough. However, since there will never be full compliance, it's more like $20-$30. As a result of the profits I made with Google ads a few years back, I'm willing to get up to 1 year behind and 'eat' that. However, I'm in grad school and not working, so almost $50 a month in costs adds up.

If donations don't pick up soon and start keeping up by then, I will reduce costs by moving to an ultra-cheap hosting plan, upgrading the Mediafire account, and putting all files on Mediafire. Lenny has said that he will give up his page entirely if this happens. If you want to keep that from happening there's only one thing to do: give. Or, find me an alternative for hosting and/or advertising. But I've spent a lot of time on those two over the years.