Puro Merchandise Bidding Palace

Here's the deal. I've got an assembly of things wrapped in tight plastic, none of which I've opened. You can buy it. You place a bid by sending me an email or a message board PM. I recommend a PM, especially on weekends. I'll note the amount and date of the bid here. If nobody outbids you after a month, it's yours. You then give me your location and I'll figure out the shipping cost so a total can be determined. For simplicity's sake, please don't bid if you're not in North America. I'll answer any questions you have, of course. Any money above the original price will be applied to the hosting fundraiser.

10/18/2007: After looking over as many responsible options as possible, I've determined that the total S&H on the magazines/programs will come to $8. So add that to the price.

New Japan magazine for the first-ever G-1 Climax in 1991. Minimum bid: $16. Current bid:

Program for All Japan's Champions Carnival '92. Minimum bid: $18. Current bid:

Weekly Puroresu magazine, covering the buildup to the big New Japan vs All Japan dome show with Kawada vs Sasaki on top. Minimum bid: $12. Current bid: