The All Japan '90s Project



Those of you still interested in participating, don't worry! You can still submit a ballot, per the rules below. Once I receive one more ballot I will create a separate, ongoing results page. I would urge you not to try and vote explicitly to change rankings.

8/1/07: I'm aiming to generate a list of the very best matches from the best decade of the best promotion in wrestling history, as voted by as many Zen Nihon fans as I can find. All of these matches are available on either the chronological page or here. In order to vote you must have seen all the matches, and if it's been a while since you've seen a match I strongly urge that you watch it again. When you're ready, submit your ballot of the Top 50 matches (no more, no less) to me. My email: davidd at .

-Jumbo vs Misawa, 6/8
-Fantastics vs Joe Malenko/Kikuchi 9/1
-Jumbo vs Misawa, 9/1
-Jumbo/Taue vs Misawa/Kawada, 9/30
-Jumbo/Taue/Fuchi vs Misawa/Kawada/Kobashi, 10/19
-Jumbo/Taue vs Misawa/Kawada, 12/7

-Kawada vs Taue 1/15
-Jumbo/Taue/Fuchi vs Misawa/Kawada/Kikuchi, 1/27
-Gordy/Williams vs Hansen/Spivey, 4/18
-Jumbo vs Misawa, 4/18
-Jumbo/Taue/Fuchi vs Misawa/Kawada/Kobashi, 4/20
-Jumbo vs Kobashi, 5/24
-Misawa vs Gordy, 6/1
-Jumbo/Fuchi/Ogawa vs Misawa/Kawada/Kikuchi, 7/26
-Misawa/Kawada vs Jumbo/Taue, 9/4
-Jumbo/Fuchi/Taue vs Misawa/Kawada/Kikuchi, 10/15
-Jumbo vs Kawada, 10/24
-Jumbo/Taue vs Misawa/Kawada, 11/29
-Misawa/Kawada vs Gordy/Williams, 12/6

-Jumbo/Taue vs Kobashi/Kikuchi, 1/26
-Kawada vs Taue, 3/31
-Hansen vs Kawada, 4/6
-Team Jumbo vs Team Misawa, tag elimination, 4/18
-Jumbo/Taue/Fuchi vs Misawa/Kawada/Kobashi, 5/22
-Can-Ams vs Kobashi/Kikuchi, 5/25
-Jumbo/Taue vs Misawa/Kobashi, 6/5
-Kobashi/Kikuchi vs Fuchi/Ogawa, 7/5
-Misawa/Kobashi/Kikuchi vs Taue/Fuchi/Ogawa, 7/21
-Jumbo/Taue/Ogawa vs Misawa/Kawada/Kikuchi, 8/20
-Kawada vs Taue, 9/9
-Misawa vs Kawada, 10/21

-Kobashi/Kikuchi vs Akiyama/Ogawa, 1/24
-Fuchi vs Kikuchi, 2/28
-Hansen vs Kawada, 2/28
-Misawa vs Taue, 2/28
-Kawada vs Taue, Carnival
-Misawa vs Kawada, 3/27
-Kawada vs Kobashi, 4/14
-Hansen vs Kobashi, 4/16
-Misawa vs Hansen, 5/21
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue, 6/1
-Misawa/Kobashi/Kikuchi vs Kawada/Taue/Ogawa, 6/3
-Misawa/Kobashi/Akiyama vs Kawada/Taue/Ogawa, 7/2
-Hansen vs Kobashi, 7/29
-Misawa vs Kawada, 7/29
-Williams vs Kobashi, 8/31
-Misawa vs Williams, 9/3
-Kawada vs Kobashi, 10/23
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Hansen/Baba, 11/30
-Kawada/Taue vs Williams/Bossman, 12/1
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue, 12/3

-Hansen/Baba vs Misawa/Kobashi, 3/5
-Hansen vs Kobashi, 4/10
-Kawada vs Williams, 4/16
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue, 5/21
-Misawa vs Kawada, 6/3
-Misawa vs Williams, 7/28
-Williams vs Kobashi, 9/3
-Williams vs Kawada, 10/22
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Williams/Ace, 12/10

-Kawada vs Kobashi, 1/19
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue, 1/24
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Williams/Ace, 3/4
-Taue vs Kobashi, 3/21
-Misawa vs Kobashi, 3/26
-Misawa vs Kawada, 4/6
-Taue vs Kawada, 4/8
-Kawada vs Kobashi, 4/13
-Misawa vs Taue, 4/15
-Kroffat vs RVD, 6/9
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue, 6/9
-Misawa/Kobashi/Asako vs Kawada/Taue/Honda, 6/30
-Misawa vs Kawada, 7/24
-Misawa vs Taue, 9/10
-Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue, 10/15
-Kawada vs Albright, 10/25
-Misawa vs Kobashi, 10/25

-Kawada & Taue vs Kobashi & Akiyama, 3/2
-Kawada vs Taue, 3/31
-Taue vs Williams, 4/20
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Kawada/Taue, 5/23
-Misawa vs Taue, 5/24
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Williams/Ace, 6/7
-Taue vs Kobashi, 7/24
-Kobashi vs Kawada, 10/18
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Kobashi/Patriot, 11/22
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Kawada/Taue, 11/29
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Kawada/Taue, 12/6

-Misawa vs Kobashi, 1/20
-Misawa vs Kawada, 4/2
-Misawa vs Kobashi, 4/19
-Misawa vs Kawada, 6/6
-Kobashi vs Hase, 8/27
-Misawa vs Kobashi, 10/21
-Kawada/Taue vs Hayabusa/Shinzaki, 11/23
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Hayabusa/Shinzaki, 11/27
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Kawada/Taue, 11/28
-Misawa/Akiyama vs Kawada/Taue, 12/5

-Kawada/Taue vs Kobashi/Ace, 1/25
-Kawada/Taue vs Kobashi/Ace, 6/5
-Kawada vs Kobashi, 6/12
-Kobashi vs Akiyama, 7/24
-Misawa vs Kobashi, 10/31

-Misawa vs Kawada, 1/22
-Kobashi/Akiyama vs Misawa/Ogawa, 3/6
-Misawa vs Vader, 5/2
-Misawa vs Kobashi, 6/11
-Kobashi/Akiyama vs Taue/Hansen, 12/3

The scoring method is a bit odd, so allow me to explain. If it was simply scored 1-50 points, ranking a match #50 would be almost meaningless. Considering the number of matches you're having to weed out, even the lower placements should be meaningful. At the same time, there should be a bonus for matches being at the top. Thus, 50th place is started off with much more than just 1 point, and 25 points are added between 11th and 1st.

One last piece of advice: if you're a relative newcomer to All Japan, I'd recommend viewing in chronological order as much as possible. A match should be viewed in its proper context so that it can be given the fairest treatment.

Thank you and enjoy your viewing!