Guest Selections


Over the years, I've watched countless thousands of shows and an additional number of random matches. Whether on DVD or online, I've constantly sought every match I thought had a strong chance of being good. Well, it took 13 years, but 'the past' seems tapped out. There is next to nothing more I plan on buying, which leaves 'the present' for new content.

But there's hope. And that hope is YOU!

As a strong believer in dispersed knowledge and the imperfect nature of man, I have no designs on being the arbiter of all things good in the realm of puroresu. Although the catalog of matches being hosted is vast, it is not perfect. As such, I am open to taking guest selections, some of which have already been appearing for the last few weeks. Here's what is involved:

1. Identify a match (or several) you really like that isn't on one of my sites already.

2. Send me an email (davidaditch@gmail). Unless I actively dislike your selection(s), I'm willing to add it to the collection.

3. If the match isn't online already, and I have it on DVD, I will put it online. If not, it will be up to you to provide it. Sorry!

4. I'll ask that you provide a short write-up in the style I typically use (i.e. a couple sentences as to why people should watch it).

And that's it! With a little help from each of you, I guarantee that many more great matches will be shared for as long as this thing keeps going. My plan is to have guest selections every Wednesday, provided there are enough suggestions, and potentially Tuesdays as well.